Wednesday, 1 August 2012


This year yet another one of my new skills that I have been practicing is cutting hair. Ha I laugh at this because I by no means know what  I am doing. This is how I know that my husband loves me. Because he TRUSTS me to cut his hair. The first time I did, I must admit he flinched a few times-mostly because I was freaking out and laughing the whole time. The experience was a little odd to me. The feeling of having somebody's hair just drop to the floor after your actions of snipping felt oddly awesome. It brought me back to times of trimming barbie doll hair. Ha although my sister frowned upon this activity happening to her dolls, mine on the other hand took a bit of a brutal love and care look.
Ha anyway it has been fun using the scissors on someone's real hair.Although if I screw it up-it is my husband that I have to stand beside where ever we may go anyway :D
So either way we might both get embarrassed. Lately because of the hot summer I have been buzzing his head which I realize does not require that much skill and talent..but it still feels awesome lighting up someone's head so much. And would you trust me with a weapon like this? HA Although thus far sweeping up the mess afterwards I have only found hair on the ears or anything so I think we are good. ;)
Too much fun perhaps?

My weapons :D
But I do love adding it to the list of things I am capable of doing.... GRIN. And no one has said he looks funny yet anyway...
Until next time.

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  1. You cut my hair in your parent's basement once!!!!

    I had a haircut from you before you were famous...don't forget that when you are famous!!!