Sunday, 29 July 2012

something new.

So I would have never thought myself to be a blogger but since I discovered pinterest I have found that there are so many amazing people in the world with awesome talents and ideas that they are sharing! I love to create and try new things and I wanted to share in the fun since I found myself taking from others..I though I better give some too! 
I have recently started a new chapter in life- I just got married last fall and experienced having to cook for the first time and getting to decorate a new place! Which I must admit has been amazing!! I a have been so excited  trying new recipes and being able to enjoy my love of food in a new I don't just get to eat it- I also get to make it! It has been an amazing year so far as I am finding my role as a wife and learning to live with another person. I love to be creative in many different outlets which I plan on sharing with you in the future! 
I thought I would attempt my first post about a simple pleasure I enjoyed today. Homemade tea.
I have very proudly planted my own potted garden this summer in my small outdoor space! It has been fun trying to keep it alive and I have proudly made a very tiny tomato crop and I have two green peppers growing as we speak. By far the most successful and  useful of my plants has been my herb plants. I have learned to add them into many different recipes and have been making peppermint tea with real leaves as well as lemon balm tea. Funny story though. I accidentally picked some leaves off my sage plant ( since I am new at all this plant stuff) and I made myself a sage tea. Ha that was not my intention and it wasn't awful but it was not good. I realized I picked the wrong leaves  and am now sitting down to a fresh cup of lemon balm leaf tea :D
I am excited about being able to take something from my potted plants and serve it on the table.There is something neat about being able to see that process yourself and take part in it. 
I work as an ECE with young children and have had the blessing of growing a large garden with my preschool class this summer. It is by far the garden I am most proud of since it is right in the ground and a nice big size. I have been learning so much about taking care of the plants and have loved watching the children look in awe at our tomato's and strawberries ripening! Children always show us the most heart felt wonder at what happens around them. Their excitement about it at school has made me get more excited about it at home even if it is a smaller portion.
That is all for today. This is your first encounter with me. I hope you enjoyed and I look forward to sharing more about my life and it's simple pleasures and creations I can enjoy along the way! 
my potted garden
my herb garden

fresh lemon balm tea :)

my grand tomato crop

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