Friday, 10 August 2012


I am beginning the adventure of changing jobs and building on my career experience in working with young children. I am passionate about being a reflective teacher and want to continue to challenge and stretch myself so that I can grow and learn.
With change comes excitement and sadness. I am so looking forward to beginning my work in a new place but good byes are always so hard. Especially when I am leaving a workplace that truly was wonderful and inspiring. Working in a Reggio Inspired centre with the individuals I have had the opportunity to work with, has help to mold me into the educator that I am. I have learned so much and been inspired by other co workers, mentors, and of course the children. Parts of me did not want to change but I know that when opportunity is given I must accept the challenge to continue to challenge myself as an individual.
I feel blessed to work in a field of work that I am passionate about. I honestly love my job. I love the children I work with and being able to get to know them and enjoy their company at the stage in life they are in is a blessing on it's own. I was given a beautiful ornament gift from my boss at work that had this inscription written on it that I wanted to share;

'Like each leaf of a tree our life is full of colourful and unique moments that define us as individuals'

I believe this statement to be very true. I know there are many moments and people that have impacted my life thus far and I love that they are each a part of me in a special way. This job that I am leaving has a special place in my heart because of how I know it challenged me and helped me grow. I made this painting in response to the inspiring message and for the people I work with. I guess you could call it a little of creative therapy while I thought through the whole process of the changes ahead.
 I can only hope that where I go next will impact me in it's own unique way just as all things have in my life upto this point. Here is to living life passionately and intentionally!
Thank you for listening.

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