Sunday, 5 January 2014

Salt dough

I made salt dough ornaments with my kindergarten class this winter for a special gift to send home for parents. The children loved being apart of making the dough and cutting out the shapes, as well as decorating them after they were baked.
Luckily there was plenty of extra dough I was able to take home with me and get creative over the holidays. I had fun making bird and mitten shapes. I have yet to find a bird cookie cutter that I like so I did these by hand with a knife. This time around I painted them afterwards. Since this was the first Christmas in our new home I decided to make some ornaments for our tree. I have decided this will be a tradition in our home that every year we will make some sort of ornament to add to the collection. I had a lot of fun with these and gave them out to some family.
I look forward to what creations I will tackle this year and I am thrilled about my new hot glue gun I got for Christmas! We will have to see what comes from it! Happy New Year! -elycia

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