Monday, 13 April 2015


I read somewhere once that;
 'what you do everyday matters more than what you do every once in awhile'

Sometimes we like the idea of things but we very rarely do them. Sometimes we even use these rare occasion things to describe who we are as people.  We all need a 'good' answer to the question "what do you do in your spare time?"We have things that we like to write on a list as our hobbies and interests. But if we asked ourselves how often we do these things we might be surprised how rare it is. And if it isn't often then what is it that I am filling my time with?
 I have many things that I wish I filled my free time with. I wish I played the piano and practiced more. I wish I finished the many crochet projects I tend to start but rarely finish. I wish I painted more often. These are all still interests of mine and maybe even still hobbies, but I know that I do not do them often and what my day is filled with is important to me. What do I do everyday?
 Most peoples work fills the majority of there day time hours and that used to be me as well. Fortunately I loved my job teaching young children and was very involved in my everyday interactions and planning for their learning. Recently I had a baby and am now at home taking care of my baby girl. That does not mean that I actually have hours and hours of free time like some people might think. Babies are a lot of work and definitely a full time job like they say--but my days are filled with different activities than what they once were. I am finding now though that I must be even more intentional about what my week will look like or I could easily be in the house in my pjs if I wanted not connecting with others or with the outdoors.(Especially in winter) And this is not great for a persons happiness!!
I have sat here and decided to share with you the things I believe to be true about what I do everyday. These are the things that are important to me and will plan to do everyday. They are not the mundane things like checking facebook and folding laundry etc. They are the small things I am careful to make apart of my everyday. Even if it is for a short time or long time. They are the little things that can bring happiness to me even in a day filled with constant diaper changes, spit up cleaning, sleep deprived me, who hasn't gotten a chance to shower in who knows how long.

Everyday I sing. I may wish that I played the piano more but even when I do I get too consumed by singing to bother continuing to move my fingers. But singing? That is not a problem. I sing my heart out in the shower or while I wash dishes. I sing along with the wonderful songs I enjoy on the radio and often have a tune that suits a certain emotion I am feeling. I often wish I could make a soundtrack to my life. Live in a musical if I may ;) and I do so myself. I used to use song so often in my teaching at work with my students. Now at home with my daughter I continue to sing to her through many everyday interactions. I love to sing and I know I sing everyday.

Everyday I get fresh air.This was easy when I worked as well as I went outside with my students twice a day. Now I try to walk outside everyday. This is especially easy in spring, summer, and fall. Winter is a different story. Especially in the extreme cold days where it wouldn't be safe to be outside with my baby. But those days I am still intentional about opening my front door to get my mail. The days I know I won't be spending much time outside I purposefully stop to breathe in the fresh air on my face. This I will do everyday. No matter the weather. We are lucky in ontario to be able to enjoy the beauty of four very different seasons that all have their own wonderfulness. Fresh air is fresh air no matter the season.

Everyday I create. This is a broad one but I like to keep it that way so that I can accomplish it. Yes I wish that meant I sewed, crocheted, or painted something everyday but I don't. Everydays creations are different but to me even preparing dinner for my family is a creation in its own way. I love putting together a colourful plate of food for us to enjoy, or mixing together ingredients that will bake into something delicious. Sometimes I decorate a small space in my home which I love doing. Other times I will use paints, sewing machine or yarn to make something with my hands. Everyday will be different but everyday I create something and I want my children to find joy in doing so too so I want to be an example to them as they get older.

Everyday I love. From the first embrace I give my daughter when she wakes in the morning(even if its 2am) to the goodbye kiss I give my husband when he leaves for work, I am showing love. Yes there are lot's of moments that I don't remember to show love in my actions but everyday I do still show actions of love. I love my family and it is easy to show small simple acts of love to them. I also show love to others I come in contact with by even just smiling at them.I know there will be many times that I will need to be reminded to show love but I will strive to do so everyday in my life. I love because God first loved me and I want to share that with those that I connect with in life. And yes that even means the person serving me at Tim Hortons who totally messed up my order ;) ha This one is a goal to strive for. I hope that I can show love in some shape or form everyday of my life.

I am sure there are many other things I do everyday and we all have different things. There are also all kinds of things I do everyday I that I wish I didn't, but I do. I need to remember that what I do everyday is important. It does matter.
It matters much more than that one lovely thing I enjoyed that one time awhile ago. I should do things everyday that bring me joy. I should spend time with people that bring me joy. Right now I carry a big responsibility in raising my daughter. She is watching me. I want to be the best example I can possibly be to her and to me that is teaching her to enjoy everyday to the fullest.
If you are reading this-I hope you will take the time to do something everyday that matters to you. From the time you peek outside to check the weather to the moment to lay your lead on your pillow to sleep at night I hope you remember to do something today that you love and brings you joy.

  'what you do everyday matters more than what you do every once in awhile'


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