Sunday, 4 November 2012

Operation Carrots!!

So silly me thought I got a good bargain this week but maybe over did it a little. While strolling around the grocery store I looked at the price of a bag of baby carrots and it was $2.88. I grabbed some as I usually do....and as I kept walking there was a large bin of HUGE carrots in a bag for only $1.88! Well I thought to myself 'What a deal!' Sure there is a little more work to get these ones prepared but whatever, I am saving a dollar and getting three times the amount of carrots! My husband of course agreed to my thinking without looking at the size of the bag I put under the cart.He later told me he was not "really" listening when I asked him what he thought. HA
So anyway we get home and I then realized how large this bag really took up a huge part of my shelf in the fridge and there are only two people in our house to eat these.
So operation carrots has begun! We will see what I can do with them in the next little bit. My first attempt was a carrot cake. We will be packing them in our lunches for a while, that is for sure!!

My large purchase that was a grand deal :D

We didn't even put a dent in the bag after some baking and cutting some up for the fridge!
First Project...Carrot Cake!! 

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